Medical Imaging Laboratory
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Microsystem Based Medical Device Development Center of Bogazici University Life Sciences Research Center
Funding: National Planing Agency of Turkey (DPT)
Budget: 11,000,000 TL (half of it for the device center)
Date: January 2009 (duration 3 years)

TAM: Researcher and Academician Development Center in Telecommunications an Informatics
Funding: National Planing Agency of Turkey (DPT)
PI: Ufuk Caglayan (B.U. Computer Engineering Department
Cengizhan Ozturk (Investigator)
Budget: ~ 6,000,000 TL
Date: January 2005 (duration 3+3 years)

MR Image Fusion Sytem Development for X-Ray Flouroscopic Interventions
Funding: TUBITAK
PI: Cengizhan Ozturk
Budget: ~ 300,000 TL
Date: March 2008 (duration 3 years)

A Novel Integrated Optoelectronic System for
Automatic Catheter Localization in Interventional MRI
Funding: TUBITAK
PI: Arda Yalcinkaya (B.U. EE), C. Ozturk (Investigator)
Budget: ~ 400,000 TL
Date: September 2008 (duration 3 years)

Investigation of the Neuro-vascular Coupling in the Brain: The study of the BOLD Counterparts of Steady-State Evoked Potentials using EEG-fMRI technique
Funding: TUBITAK
PI: Tamer Demiralp (Istanbul University Department of Physiology), Ozturk (Consultant)
Budget: ~400,000 TL
Date: September 2008 (duration 3 years)

National Magnetic Resonance Imaging Research Center (UMRAM)
Funding: National Planing Agency of Turkey (DPT)
PI: Ergin Atalar (Bilkent University), C. Ozturk (Investigator, UMRAM Board Member)
Budget: ~ 8,000,000 TL
Date: January 2008 (duration 2+3 years)


University-Industry Collaboration Project on Magnetic Resonance Imaging
SIEMENS Medical Solutions, Budget: 38,200 Euro (2003 - 2007)

Examination of Local Cardiac Motion and Perfusion using MRI
TUBITAK Project, Budget: 60,130,000,000 (old)TL , (2003-2007)

Deformable Surface models and Their applications in cardiac Magnetic Resonance Imaging
TUBITAK-GSRT International Funding, Budget: 7,488 Euro + 9,600,000,000 (old)TL (2002-2005)

Examination of Cardiac Perfusion with MR Imaging
Bogazici University Research Fund Project:, Budget: 20,565,000,000 (old)TL (2003-2006)

Also participated in the following:

Molecular and Cellular Imaging Lab (PI: Prof. Hale Saybasili)
Bogazici University Research Fund, Budget: (old)TL (2003 - 2008)

BUMIL (Bogazici University Medical Imaging Laboratory)
B.U. Kandilli Campus, TAM-BME Bldg, TAM-Lab 6, 34684 Cengelkoy - Istanbul - Turkey
Phone: +90 (0) 216 516 3533 - 3534 (last 4 digits from all BU campuses)
Ozturk's Office: +90 (0) 216 516 3545, E-mail:, Fax: +90 (0) 216 516 3479